How Can Vehicle Graphics Help to Promote Your Business?

Do you want to promote your brand effectively? Do you have a company car or van?

Vehicle graphics can turn your car, truck or van into a moving advertising board that can get up to 600 visual impressions per mile. Whether you have a fleet or just one vehicle, this makes vehicle graphics one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. If you don’t have graphics on your vehicles, you’re missing out on a marketing opportunity that can reach people who you to pass every day.

Wrapping your vehicles or applying graphics to them can transform them into a cost-effective, moving billboard that is powerful enough to help drive up awareness, sales and business growth.

3M produce some of the materials that can be used to wrap vehicles and they measured the advertising effectiveness of fleet graphics for a major soft drink manufacturer. They found that mobile advertising offered the lowest cost per impression of any major advertising.

Advertising activity Cost per thousand*
TV £23.70
Magazines £21.46
Newspapers £19.70
Prime-time television £18.15
Radio £7.75
Outdoor £3.56
Fleet graphics (average, annualised)** £0.48

*Based on 61 million Prime DEC (Daily Effective Circulation) annually; average of top 40 media market from Media Buyers Guide.

**Based on cost of test trucks.

The numbers make for very interesting reading. Instead of spending over £20 to reach 1000 people on TV, it could cost you as little as 48p to reach the same number of people, by putting branding graphics or a wrap onto your vehicles.

At Sign Language we can help to make sure that your vehicles really stand out. We can design vehicle livery for you which shows off your branding and values. Reflective films can be used to highlight your business phone number and website address, to keep your vehicles working 24/7. Your vehicles can be seen by up to 600 people per mile, helping you to advertise without any of the hard work. Your fuel expenses can double up as part of your marketing budget, as your advertising goes where you go – to visit your customer and prospects.

If you’re looking to get more from your marketing budget, then Sign Language can help your vehicles to really stand out on the roads. To find out more, call us on 01993 773200 or email

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