How Can Your Vehicle Livery Save You Money?

Does your vehicle livery increase brand awareness and reduce whole life costs?

Your vehicles represent your brand on the road. Depending on the nature and scale of your business, they could even be some people’s first encounter with your brand and your business. How your vehicles look – the branding, the placement of key elements, the font, colours and graphics – all reflect your brand and the impression that you give to people who see them on the road.

Ensuring you have well-designed vehicle livery will not only enhance your company’s on-road presence, it could save you money too. Here are three aspects you may want to consider that could save you blushes and money.

1. Less is More

You’ve got a great business that provides many fantastic products or services, so it’s vital that you don’t miss an opportunity to tell potential customers what you do. Unfortunately, while this may be an excellent policy for a brochure, the same isn’t true on your company’s vehicles.

Most vehicles will only be seen for a few seconds, as they drive past (unless they are parked in a car park!) There simply isn’t the time to say too much. A good design should feature your name, key message and contact information and not always in that order. What contact information should you share? The easiest to remember is a website address. How often have you noted a phone number you saw on a vehicle?

Communicating what you do is also important, especially if you want your vehicles to encourage business. This doesn’t have to be in words – good graphics and clever imagery speak volumes. The more memorable, the better.

For example there is a company that repairs chipped windows …

… another that transforms your home …

… and one that delivers your takeaway.

How does this save you money? Good design gets noticed and increases brand awareness. It is a marketing opportunity and when done correctly, it can drive sales and revenue.

2. Opening Doors

The wonderful thing about vehicle graphics is that they can be applied over every inch of your vehicle. Unfortunately some companies forget to factor in things like door openings when designing their vehicle livery.

The branding on your vehicle needs to work for you, in the right way. You don’t want to be noticed for the wrong reasons. Take a look at these two images to see what happens when you don’t carefully plan your designs.

A good designer will consider every inch of your vehicle and how your branding will work with that vehicle. They will make sure that your design works, all round, the first time around.

3. Consider Crash Zones

There are some bad drivers out there. Not your drivers, of course, but other less careful drivers. The more miles your vehicles cover, the greater the chance of a bump, scrape or even a crash. Expert designers know the most likely crash zones on today’s vehicles across numerous makes and models, and can factor this in when designing a vehicle’s signage.

This means that should something happen to your sign-written vehicle, the graphics that will need to be replaced will be minimised and your costs significantly reduced. After all, the last thing you’ll want to do, having had your vehicle repaired, is to have to pay for a complete new vehicle livery.

At Sign Language we provide a high quality vehicle livery design and can help to save you money, maximise your message and protect your corporate identity. If you’d like to know more, call us on 01993 773200 or email

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