Newly designed Aggreko vehicles have hit the road

Sign Language are proud to announce that the first batch of newly designed Aggreko vehicles have hit the road.

Working alongside Aggreko’s nominated lease provider, Lex Autolease, Sign Language were asked to design, template, produce and install the first batch of 25 vehicles in the latest corporate branding, all within two weeks of approval.

Aggreko had previously used basic branding on their vehicles, but with an imminent and significant fleet replacement program looming combined with requests from numerous areas within the business to better utilise their mobile assets for raising their profile, Sign Language were called upon to assist.


Having taken a detailed brief, our in house design team, liaising with Aggreko’s marketing division, worked up various concepts for Aggreko to decide on direction. Once agreed, the new livery design was replicated across the various vehicle models for final sign off. At this stage Sign Language provided a set of material samples specified to both comply with Aggreko’s corporate brand guidelines and ensuring they were suitable for longevity, conformability and the correct level of conspicuity required for the vehicle’s working environment.

Aggreko is the leading global provider of mobile, modular power, heating and cooling. The company is based in Glasgow and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. It employs more than 7,000 people in more than 200 locations worldwide and operates across industrial sectors including oil and gas, petrochemical and refining, food and beverage, mining, utilities, events, manufacturing, shipping and construction.


Sales Director for Sign Language, Tobin Jenkins, comments “It is precisely this type of project which Sign Language love getting involved with as it allows us to demonstrate our creative flair and our ability to react quickly to customer requests. We delivered on what seemed like impossible timescales whilst ensuring that none of the critical quality control processes and checks were missed. We are thrilled to be working with another globally recognised and respected brand such as Aggreko and look forward to working together on future projects. Our thanks again to our partner, Lex, for the opportunity”.


Dave Palmer, Head of Group Marketing for Aggreko, added: “We’ve been developing and updating our brand on a global basis and wanted something fresh, while not veering too far from our well-established original. The new designs fulfilled that purpose and give us the flexibility to further develop it.”


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