Project Management

Given the logistic complexities of any livery programme a robust project management methodology is critical.  The Sign Language teams’ work closely with our customer’s stakeholders including Finance, Marketing and Fleet departments to ensure the design, production and installation process is executed efficiently and effectively, be it scheduled fleet replacement or a full rebrand.

Our account managers lead client projects engaging our design, artwork, production and installation colleagues.  Project plans are refined to reflect the individual client requirements including funding, particularly with large rebrands, logistics management and reporting. We pride ourselves on industry experience, across all of the disciplines.


The Sign Language portal enables fleet managers and their garage and body shop partners to order replacement vehicle livery for accident-damaged vehicles from an online catalogue enabling same-day dispatch. In addition, the livery tracking system ensures our customers recover the cost through the claims process.

Reducing vehicle off-road (VOR) times is essential for customers operating vehicles in a time-critical environment. In what has become a saturated sector with varying levels of customer service capability, the nationwide reach of many commercial vehicle fleets and sensitivity to accident rates it is critical that VOR and clients Corporate Identity are in no way compromised by delays in vehicle repairs.

Our online technology allows us to be an extension of the client’s fleet function and to work hand in glove with other conversion and support partners.


The quotation, today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement, drives the Sign Language ethos on customer service and project management excellence.  Accordingly our structured approach to fleet audit drives every aspect of our service.

We start with the creation of a database for each clients fleet collating and de-duplicating fleet data.  We work with fleet managers directly and/or with other supply partners to ensure every detail is available and sanitised at an initial level before a forensic cleanse using other sources, including DVLA data, to ensure the validity of vehicle, chassis and body type.

Further analysis also includes the age and de-fleet data, vehicle availability (i.e. insurance, repair etc.), mandatory signage and location. In addition there are other non-core benefits such as the ability to record mileage, vehicle damage and general condition.

In-house Design

The design and engineering teams at Sign Language are hugely experienced in creating and/or engineering but, most importantly, protecting our clients corporate identities and working cleverly to maximise messaging with comprehensive templating and engineering.

From initial concept development to file preparation we can be an extension of our clients staff, or work collaboratively with external designers and marketing agencies. Our teams can also help with prototypes, proofs, computer colour matching and manufacturing process development. We use the latest 2D and 3D technologies and engage with our customers throughout the design and/or engineering process as required.

Whether you have a corporate identity that simply needs representing on a particular vehicle template or you are starting afresh and want us to create your identity we can help.

Sign Language were able to demonstrate an increase in print and production quality combined with an excellent cost saving - no brainer!

Melvin Rolling

Technical Director, Autoglass UK

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