Wall Graphics

Bespoke Graphics for Your Work Spaces

Whether you are considering a short-term solution to support a promotional campaign or you are concentrating on the longer-term impact of branding, we can create high-quality wall graphics, printed displays and cost-effective finishes for your commercial interiors.

Large scale printed graphics and imagery are an increasingly common sight within commercial office spaces. Their purpose is to decorate and brand interior walls, giving definition and purpose to these spaces that reflect the businesses that occupy them and the activities that are carried out within them.

Use info graphics to get your brand message across or a striking image to create a lasting first impression and make a room or office more appealing – whether that be re-energising an empty wall space, creating a large-scale map or mural to cover a reception area – by branding your work spaces and walls, it defines your company. The possibilities and usage for wall graphics are endless.

At Sign Language we can manage the whole project for you, from the first ideas through to design, digital print and then nationwide installation. We work alongside you, assisting with the design process to be able to create your vision or work with your own designs or photographs. Our experienced technicians and specialised equipment can create a custom wall covering to fit your workspace, no matter the shape or size of the area to be covered. And if you need additional imagery to inspire your designs, then we can also source all the images you have in mind.

We can offer a full range of options from simple but effective cut vinyl lettering or shapes, which can be used to portray your company logo or strapline, to a full colour wall-covered display. We have experience in working with both office interior and retail interior fit-out companies so that you have peace of mind at all times – and with minimal disruption to your working day.

Contact us today for our full range of options on wall graphics and to receive a quote tailored to your specifications. Call us on 01993 77 32 00, email us at customerservices@signlanguageltd.co.uk or click here to contact us.

Window Films

Professional Treatments for your Windows & Partitions

Glass manifestations are treatments that can be applied to windows, doors, partitions and any other large expanses of clear glass, in order to make the glass visible and to prevent injury through collisions. They can also help enhance privacy within commercial spaces as well as being decorative.

Manifestations in the form of decals, frostings, etchings, signs, even coloured films, can be applied to glass windows, door and partitions to help stop people walking into the glass and possibly causing injury.

All of our designs comply fully with building regulations, as well as any health and safety mandates. They are prepared and printed on site in our graphics studio and come templated to fit (where applicable) for ease of installation.

Here are the types of window films that can help to enhance your work space:

Architectural Printable Films

An ideal solution to your corporate branding whilst maintaining privacy and safety, our architectural printable glazing films make your design appear part of the glass. You can bring pops of colour and intricate detailing to displays, creating stunning visual effects as light passes through the printed image. With a high quality self-adhesive coating, these films are easy to install and to remove.

Retail Printable Films

Printable window films for the retail environment offer optimum clarity, are easy to apply and remove, and provide an instant impact on passers-by. These optical non-PVC films are used extensively by retailers, with options to use as an all-over display or as cut graphics.

Security Films

Control your visibility from the inside or out with our range of security films, designed to be non-intrusive without impacting a building’s aesthetics. Security films appear optically clear from one angle but as your viewing angle changes, then the transparency of glass changes from clear to frosted or vice versa. These types of films eliminate the requirement for blinds or screening whilst maximising light and reducing glare.

Privacy Films

Add instant privacy as well as visual impact to your work space with the range of textures provided by privacy films. Whether you are just looking for a mist effect or require full white-out opacity, the light diffusing and screening properties vary by design.

Contact us today to see how we can enhance your windows and doors with our range of glass manifestations. Call us on 01993 77 32 00, email us at customerservices@signlanguageltd.co.uk or click here to contact us.


Giving the Right First Impression

A company is often judged on its appearance and so good business signage is crucial to give the right first impression. At Sign Language, we understand the link between your company’s image and its signage, ensuring a lasting positive impact is created for your business.

Poor external signage lets down the appearance of many a retail outlet, restaurant or street-facing business and does nothing to entice customers into the premises. Don’t just rely on your name but instead use effective signage and graphics to give maximum visual impact, one that will stand the test of time and draw you the right attention.

From fascias to window graphics, plaques and hoardings to wayfinding systems, business signage tells a story about your company. Using the right colours, the correct font style and size and the best materials, ensures that the signs inform and persuade your customers of your business’s core values.

Whether you need signs for inside or out your buildings, we can help you choose the most suitable materials and styles to show your company means business and is here to last.

To help you get it right first time, and to assess which materials are the right ones to use and where best to fit them, contact us today for a quote. We carry out a full site survey and take accurate measurements before any sign is produced. Call us on 01993 77 32 00, email us at customerservices@signlanguageltd.co.uk or click here to contact us.


Effective Wayfinding for Your Company

We are specialists in designing and producing wayfinding signage and the translation of brands within the commercial environment.

Wayfinding is described as the way in which we find our way around complex environments. We believe that an effective wayfinding system allows users to easily orientate themselves and move around an area or location. Minimum product with maximum impact offers the best solution, and after many years of working with experts in the field, we can offer our customer base invaluable advice and solutions for your wayfinding needs.

A well-designed sign system provides effective wayfinding assistance, underlines your corporate identity, reinforces brand values and speaks volumes about the efficiency of your business.

Contact us today for a quote on our range of wayfinding solutions for your business. Call us on 01993 77 32 00, email us at customerservices@signlanguageltd.co.uk or click here to contact us.

Xanita Fibreboard

Enhance Your Retail Experience

Lighter, greener and stronger than you can imagine, choose Xanita board for your next POS display or brand promotion.

Engineered from fibreboard and weighing seven times less than conventional fibreboards, Xanita is manufactured from fibres recovered from recycled cardboard boxes. Various surface finishes are then available, including digital print ready paper liners.

Xanita can be used in a whole range of different settings including in the retail environment, at exhibitions and events and for general pop-up displays.

Easy to assemble, Xanita Board is ideal for short-term retail displays at the point of purchase and for brand awareness, drawing your customers’ attention to your products and services. As they are light and come flat-packed, you can quickly bring alive an unused, empty space with the range of options available to you with Xanita boards.

Xanita Board is lightweight, printable, customisable and reusable, adding sustainability to your signage. It’s a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution for interior spaces of all kinds.

Contact us today for a quote on our Xanita fibreboard solutions for your business. Call us on 01993 77 32 00, email us at customerservices@signlanguageltd.co.uk or click here to contact us.

Graphic Flooring

Communicate Your Brand Through Innovative Graphic Flooring

Graphic flooring is a way of creating maximum impact for your brand over a large area of floorspace, one that is guaranteed to catch the eye. Our unique graphic flooring solution is Floored! – an easy to install, durable and repositionable grand-format print media.

Suitable for a wide range of applications across retails spaces, restaurants, cinemas, car showrooms, fitness centres, hotels, exhibition halls, stages, sporting venues and airports, Floored! is where high footfall meets brand promotion.

Using our innovative graphic flooring allows you to print directly on to the product. The process allows for greater versatility and longevity than traditional vinyl floor graphics as Floored! uses a single, solid layer of impervious polyvinyl. Your image is then etched into a protected layer that is encased in the polyvinyl blend. So rather than layers of fillers, as with other types of graphic flooring, you get a single piece of material that features the graphic encased in protective coating. As the image printed on the flooring is embedded in this polyvinyl wear layer, it is impossible to damage, stain or break – making it last the test of time.

Installing Floored! Is easy. This repositionable flooring solution requires no adhesive, therefore making it a truly versatile option for your commercial or promotional space. You can choose from a pre-set design or custom design your space to your own preferences. Communicate your brand through photos, logos, your brand’s colour design palette or anything else that will give your floor that particular edge.

Contact us today for a quote on our range of graphic flooring solutions for your business. Call us on 01993 77 32 00, email us at customerservices@signlanguageltd.co.uk or click here to contact us.

How We Work

Taking You on a Journey

A successfully completed project is one that comes in on time, on budget and matches your expectations, regardless of scale or complexity.

At the start of any vehicle wrap project, here’s what we cover with you:

– Before any order is taken, we walk round your vehicle with you so that you know what the wrap print will look like when finished.

– We give you examples of previous wrap designs we have completed and advise on any issues, showing you why certain designs work best on certain areas of the vehicle.

– You can use our in-house team to provide you with a vehicle wrap design. If you prefer to provide us with your own design, and it covers the areas of your truck or van that are more likely to be dented in an accident (the vehicle’s crumple zones) or experience high wear and tear, then we will let you know that the wrap in these parts will likely need to be replaced before the vehicle is replaced, sometimes more than once – advice that can save you money over the life of the vehicle.

– We provide advice on any necessary emergency & safety markings your vehicle needs to achieve maximum effect. If your commercial vehicle is regularly travelling around high-traffic areas, it’s advisable to have reflective chevrons placed on the back and the sides for safety and visibility.

– Your vehicle wrap will last between from five to seven years if there is no accident damage. Should you need replacement decals for a commercial wrap, then we keep a database of all vehicles we work on (link to Online Customer Portal) and so a new printed section of the wrap design can be provided to you within a short timeframe.

Contact us today and learn more about how we can help your business transform its livery and signage solutions. Call us on 01993 77 32 00, email us at customerservices@signlanguageltd.co.uk or click here to contact us.

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