Window Films

Professional Treatments for your Windows & Partitions

Glass manifestations are treatments that can be applied to windows, doors, partitions and any other large expanses of clear glass, in order to make the glass visible and to prevent injury through collisions. They can also help enhance privacy within commercial spaces as well as being decorative.

Manifestations in the form of decals, frostings, etchings, signs, even coloured films, can be applied to glass windows, door and partitions to help stop people walking into the glass and possibly causing injury.

All of our designs comply fully with building regulations, as well as any health and safety mandates. They are prepared and printed on site in our graphics studio and come templated to fit (where applicable) for ease of installation.

Here are the types of window films that can help to enhance your work space:

Architectural Printable Films

An ideal solution to your corporate branding whilst maintaining privacy and safety, our architectural printable glazing films make your design appear part of the glass. You can bring pops of colour and intricate detailing to displays, creating stunning visual effects as light passes through the printed image. With a high quality self-adhesive coating, these films are easy to install and to remove.

Retail Printable Films

Printable window films for the retail environment offer optimum clarity, are easy to apply and remove, and provide an instant impact on passers-by. These optical non-PVC films are used extensively by retailers, with options to use as an all-over display or as cut graphics.

Security Films

Control your visibility from the inside or out with our range of security films, designed to be non-intrusive without impacting a building’s aesthetics. Security films appear optically clear from one angle but as your viewing angle changes, then the transparency of glass changes from clear to frosted or vice versa. These types of films eliminate the requirement for blinds or screening whilst maximising light and reducing glare.

Privacy Films

Add instant privacy as well as visual impact to your work space with the range of textures provided by privacy films. Whether you are just looking for a mist effect or require full white-out opacity, the light diffusing and screening properties vary by design.

Contact us today to see how we can enhance your windows and doors with our range of glass manifestations. Call us on 01993 77 32 00, email us at customerservices@signlanguageltd.co.uk or click here to contact us.

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