Xanita Fibreboard

Enhance Your Retail Experience

Lighter, greener and stronger than you can imagine, choose Xanita board for your next POS display or brand promotion.

Engineered from fibreboard and weighing seven times less than conventional fibreboards, Xanita is manufactured from fibres recovered from recycled cardboard boxes. Various surface finishes are then available, including digital print ready paper liners.

Xanita can be used in a whole range of different settings including in the retail environment, at exhibitions and events and for general pop-up displays.

Easy to assemble, Xanita Board is ideal for short-term retail displays at the point of purchase and for brand awareness, drawing your customers’ attention to your products and services. As they are light and come flat-packed, you can quickly bring alive an unused, empty space with the range of options available to you with Xanita boards.

Xanita Board is lightweight, printable, customisable and reusable, adding sustainability to your signage. It’s a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution for interior spaces of all kinds.

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