Single Vehicle Livery

Single Vehicle Livery

We don’t just look after huge fleets – your company vans and trucks are important too. They are one of the most effective ways of advertising your company and services, one that can raise the profile of your business for a relatively low cost. A busy commercial vehicle be seen by thousands of people every hour.

A recent study carried out by 3M shows that, on average, a commercial vehicle in traffic-heavy areas can be seen by more than 3,000 potential customers every hour. A branded van helps draw the attention of passers-by, many of whom might not have been aware of your business before. Repeated drives around a high traffic volume area become the equivalent of running an advert in a local newspaper or hiring a billboard, but at a fraction of the cost.

Vehicle wraps are an easy and affordable alternative to re-spraying a van. Our highly experienced fitters are able to cover your vehicle from bumper to bumper with a new colour or printed design.

An alternative to a full vehicle wrap is a partial wrap, which is a way of making changes to the look of your truck or van at a more effective cost. Examples of partial wrapping adding a company logo and contact details to side panels, mirror caps wrapped in gloss or matte vinyl, door or bumper trims with black carbon vinyl wrap, or applying chevron decals to vehicle crumple zones .

Many commercial vans on the UK’s roads are leased, for lengths of time from two to five years depending on the vehicle’s condition. You can, of course, put your own company branding on leased vehicles with partial or full wraps. Using top quality materials means that the wrap is easier and quicker to remove when the vehicle goes back to the leasing company.

If you’re looking to rebrand your van or truck, then at Sign Language we’ll provide you with a best price quote that does not compromise on the quality of our materials or cut corners when installing the graphics. There is a large range of different car wrapping materials available in different colours, textures and finishes. We’d be delighted to go through your ideas and budget with you and suggest some suitable options.

Contact us today for a quote for wrapping your company vehicle so that you stand out from the crowd! Call us on 01993 77 32 00, email us at customerservices@signlanguageltd.co.uk or click here to contact us.

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